Are Child Trust Fund accounts the best investment?

My research into Child Trust Funds indicates that they aren’t necessarily the best value way of investing for your child. If you intend to make a monthly contribution of £50 or more there is a lot more choice outside the CTF system, particularly if you want an ethical investment. This article compares CTFs with some possible alternatives.

Ethical and Ecological Investments for the Child Trust Fund

Many people will want to put their child’s trust fund into ethical and environmentally sustainable investments. After all, there’s not a great deal of point in them having a pot of money in 18 years time if the planet has gone to hell by then. You want to invest in their future, right?
Unfortunately, the vast majority of CTF accounts do not assess any criteria of ethical, ecological or social responsibility. And, depressingly, most people probably won’t realise that their CTF is being invested in arms, tobacco, environmental destruction and oppression […]