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How to switch the Ableton Push 2 touch strip into Modulation Wheel mode

Hold Select, press touch strip.

The Select button is at the bottom right of the Push 2. Just hold it down, and press the touch strip until the display says “Touchstrip Mode: Modwheel”. To switch it back, do the same until it says “Touchstrip Mode: Pitchbend”. Simple.

I wasted several minutes googling for a textual description of how to make the Push 2’s touch strip act like a mod wheel instead of pitch bend, failing to find one, then having to watch a 5-minute video in order to find out something that could have been described in 5 words. So I created this page in the hope it will save someone else the bother.

13 Responses to “How to switch the Ableton Push 2 touch strip into Modulation Wheel mode”

  1. Jack Says:

    God bless

  2. Jason Says:

    Thank you very much…..extremely helpful!

  3. Notabot 303 Says:

    Thank you! No Bs and to the point

  4. thankful soul Says:

    cheers mate

  5. Andrew Says:

    Thank you! Quick and to the point!!!

  6. Nikolai Says:

    Just wanted to say you are doing god’s work; few things irritate me more than having to watch a 5 minute youtube video to learn something that takes two seconds to read.

  7. Vernon A Reid Says:


  8. weareborg Says:

    This is what the internet is really for.

  9. k:sassa Says:


  10. Vernon A Reid Says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  11. rj Says:

    After another 20 minute search:

    also works for Push 1!

  12. Ed Says:

    You are doing the Lord’s work

  13. AlexC Says:

    :O Splendid! Thank you!!

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